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We are STS

The STS is a specialised engineering construction company with the core competences in post-tensioning, heavy-lifting, stay cables, precast girders, incremental launching, structural strengthening, and ground engineering. Company also designs and produces special high-pressure hydraulic equipment and systems.

We offer a variety of services on construction technologies for new sturctures, as well as maintaining existing ones. STS can provide competent project design, consultancy on methods of work, supply of materials and special equipment for your project.


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STS develops and manufactures materials, systems and equipment for prestressed reinforced concrete, develops design and technological solutions, methods of statement and technical documentation, as well as performs construction and installation work.
Vertical integration of the company allows to ensure high quality
at all stages of work.

We have successfully managed to implement our innovations and insights from a multitude of completed projects and R&D concepts to accelerate the construction time of the largest structures, making the complex simple, adding strength where it already seemed impossible.

We have broad experience in the construction and designing of the most modern nuclear power plant containment projects, which already includes 12 projects in 4 countries.

Having strong competences in incremental launching and post-tensioning of bridge projects STS has added to its portfolio stay cable projects. For last years we have developed state of the art stay cable system that successfully passed international qualification tests with an excellent results.

Our high-pressure hydraulic equipment works for decades for our clients with almost no need of maintenance.


Below are the electronic versions of our printed catalogs available for download.

Ground anchors
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Lift-off jack
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