The STS provides range of products for geotechnical projects both with strand anchors and bar system to suit all major applications.
Mainly but not exclusively our ground anchors are used to support of excavation works.
Ground anchors are usually used to prevent the retaining wall from deforming after excavation. In this case anchors are installed through the retaining structure during the excavation phase. The excavation work is resumed after these anchors have been tensioned.
This is why ground anchors are always treated carefully, as they contribute to the stability of the structure.

STS strand ground anchors at Moscow-city foundation project, Moscow (Russia)


    The anchor consists of three parts:

  • the head, which transmits the anchor force to the structure via the steel bearing plate
  • the free length of the tendon from the head to the short end of the tie length
  • the bonding length — the tendon length, through which the tensile force is transmitted to the surrounding ground via the grout.

An anchor is called ‘temporary’ if it will be used for a limited period of time, usually during the construction of a structure. A ‘permanent’ anchor is a ground anchor used for more than two years or, more generally, a component required for the life of the structure.

There are two families of anchors — active and passive:

Passive: This type of anchor usually has no free length. The anchor usually consists of a steel rod or sometimes a composite material. A passive anchor is only tensioned by the structure itself applying a load to it.
Active: This type of anchor has a free length and a bond length. The reinforcement is usually made of steel cables pre-tensioned to reduce the displacement of the structure.
Each anchor is protected against corrosion to prevent any impact on the system. This is determined on the basis of two main criteria: the service life of the anchor and the aggressiveness of the environment.

All our systems have been tested and certified independently and in addition can be tested in accordance with your local requirements if needed.

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