Incremental launching

The Incremental Launching Method (ILM) is a preferred method for projects with a limited construction space. It is a very fast method of construction concrete and steel bridges and best suited for construction over deep water and valleys, limited acess to area beneath the bridge construction (railway or heavy traffic).
Bridges can be entirely launched from one abutment or they can be launched simultaneously from both abutments and locked at the midspan. The bridge section of 15-30 meters long are cast or welded contiguously and then launched forward with the launching system over temporary sliding bearings on the piers.

Incremental launching of the steel bridge over river Sok, Samara Oblast (Russia)


    There are three STS systems used to launch different types of bridges:

  • concrete bridges are launched with the «lift and push jacks»
  • steel bridges can be launched with the «grab and push jacks» or «pulled with the strand jacks».

The incremental launching method requires a considerable amount of engineer expertise in design and analysis. STS has much experience in such projects and are happy to deliver best service for your project in terms of expertise, design, materials, people and equipment.

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