Launching systems

STS manufactures hydraulic systems for incremental launching of concrete and steel bridges.

Launching concrete bridges

For the concrete bridges the system uses hydraulic lift and push jacks.

STS incremental launching system for concrete bridges — Type CPN


STS incremental launching system for concrete bridges — Type CPN

Type Lifting force, t Pushing force, t Pulling force, t
S-600 1570 608 280
S-900 2000 912 420
B-300 785 152*2
B-450 1000 152*3
TABLE 1. STS Incremental launching system for concrete bridges
Launching steele bridges

Alternatively for steel bridges hydraulic jacks push the bridge horizontally across piers with special sliding devices on supports to lessen friction forces. The steel bridge is first clamped with smaller hydraulic jacks at the bottom with a set of steel plates. The jacks then launch the bridge with the help of the clamps. When the cycle is complete, the clamps are released and re-attached to their initial position. One cycle can push the bridge up to 2.5 m in 10-20 minutes. Sliding devices should be place underneath the bridge to reduce the friction forces on the steel as it crosses the supports.

Incremental Launching system STS Type — TT



  • Maximum weight of laucnhing structure (f=0,02), t — 30 000
  • Maximum grabbing force of 1 clamp, kN (t) — 6 863 (700)
  • Maximum pushing force of 2 jacks, t — 6 029 (615)
  • Maximum pulling force, kN (t) — 294 (300)
  • Stroke, mm — 2 500
  • Thickness of bridge shelf for clamps, mm — 20-70
  • Weight, t — 10,9


    Power unit:

  • Weight, kg — 800
  • Pressure, MPa (bar) — 50 (500)
  • Engine power, kV — 55


Incremental Launching system STS Type — TT


Alternatively for the steel bridges launching can be done with the use of STS strand jacks.
STS also designs and supplys special systems for greater lifting and shifting forces and multiple systems for parallel operation. Please contact us for advise.