Power units

STS hydraulic power units are available in an endless variety of pressure and flow ranges, reservoir capacities, materials, and fluid compatibility. Standard, compact, and custom power units are available as well.
Whatever your high-pressure pump needed are, speed, control or heavy duty works we can offer a hydraulic unit that best suits your application. Our solutions are designed in close cooperation with our customers.

STS pump units on Heavy-Lifting works


A typical hydraulic power unit may include the following components: pump, cylinder or motor, valves, filters and regulators, hoses, tubes and fittings, reservoirs and accumulators and instruments to monitor and control the performance.

We also have manual pump models with variable flow rate that is adjusted by lever. This solution allows to do a very sensitive, make tests for hydraulic systems, or even used as an emergency pump.

Type Maximum operating pressure, MPa Reservoir oil capacity, l Usable oil capacity, l Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
SN 70/12/150.3.p 70 170 150 970*680*1080 185
SN 70/5/100.3.p 70 118 100 870*680*1100 110
SN 70/2/30.3.p 70 38 20 682*450*593 60
SN 70/3/20.2.e.h 70 15 15 580*400*765 72
SN 70/1/10/2.p 70 14 10 375*435*560 50
TABLE 1. STS hydraulic power units type — SN

STS also manufactures distributor valves for independent control of an arbitrary number of cylinders.

In case you do not find a suitable power unit, please get in contact with us.