Lifting systems

STS lifting system consists of strand jacks which provide a cost-effective solution for the movement of a wide range of structures. From single buildings, through bridges, to entire topside with the weight of thousand of tonnes.
Since multiple jacks can be operated simultaneously by hydraulic power units, they can be used in tandem to lift very large loads.
Lifting system can be also used horizontally for pulling objects and structures, and are widely used in the oil and gas industry for skidded loadouts and for incremental launching of steel bridges.


STS Heavy Lifting 1000 tonnes load to 60 meters at the Bridge to Russky Island, Vladivostok (Russia)



  • No limitations on the size, weight or height of the structure to be lifted
  • Automatic or manual jack control system when lifting the structure
  • Lifting speed — 8 m/hour
  • Use of high-precision sensors of distance and angle of rotation of the structure

STS manufactures heavy lifting systems according to particular client’s projects needs.
Sample dimmensions of the most popular system is below:

Operating pressure, MPa Piston area, cm2 Operating force, kN Stroke, mm
35 1045,6 3659,6 200
TABLE 1. STS lifting system type — L31

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