The STS’s one of the core competences are bridges. More than half of our projects are all kinds of bridges. Please contact us with you project challenges and we will provide our best service.
Steel bridges
The STS has done many projects of launching steel bridges over the rivers, railways and highways – using clamp and push STS special jacks systems and also pull with strand jacks that are adopted from post-tensioning and heavy lifting.
We also provide all types of services in heavy lifting of preassembled formwork or entire bridge spans.

Concrete bridges
For concrete bridges we provide all types of post-tensioning systems from 1 to 55 strands or more if your project requires. The STS designs and manufactures its own PT system and all the equipment for installation, stressing and grouting.
We also produce STS incremental launching hydraulic equipment (lift and push jacks) for your projects.

Precast concrete girder bridges

Strengthening of steel and concrete bridges

Cable-stayed bridges
Our Stay Cable system has been designed and tested to ensure the highest level of performance and to meet the most stringent market requirements. It meets all

Designing bridges
The STS design department has huge experience in designing of hundreds of all types of bridges, auxiliary structures, and also writing methods of statement on technologies used for constructing them. We use latest BIM modelling software for our project documentation.