Structural strengthening

STS produces a variety of post-tensioning systems (high-strength prestressing cables, strands and steel bars) and helps to design post-tensioning systems that can be used to actively increase or restore the load-bearing capacity of various structures.

Post-tensioning is ideal for situations requiring a significant increase in load capacity or for dealing with excessive deflection and/or cracking.

Post-tensioning systems consist of high strength steel reinforcement which is connected to the structure at the anchor points. The required post-tensioning force is provided by profiling the tendons or using deviators to create high and low points along the span of the element. By varying the tendon profile, the lifting force can be controlled to achieve different levels of increased load capacity / serviceability.

STS strengthening of the subway train bridge over the river Moscow (Russia)

Post-tensioning systems have reinforcement fitted to the outside of the structural element, but can be placed in grouted channels for increased durability and/or fire resistance.

Structural strengthening and repair are common procedures that may be considered if the operational stresses on the structure increase or the structure exceeds its service life. Reinforcement and repair can be applied to both steel and concrete structures.

Post-tensioning is one of the most effective methods of strengthening an existing structure to overcome an increase in operational load without replacing parts of the structure.

STS strengthening of the highway bridge, Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

STS has a wide range of anchor elements for concrete and steel structures for strengthening that have been applied on more than 100 projects. We also use our special ultra high-strength steel fibre concrete for anchors which allows us to significantly reduce the cost of the projects with a large number of anchor elements. STS has also developed special equipment for installation, stressing and grouting its strengthening systems onsite.