Grouting equipment

STS grouting machines are specially designed for applications with post-tensioning, foundation stabilization, underground mining and other heavy construction works.

Operator controls are user friendly and centrally located for efficient production. The design is robust and provides ease of operation or maintenance.


Grouting onsite, post-tensioning works

Below you can find some of our most popular grouting machines. STS also can develop the design of grouting machine that most suits your needs.

Type Mixing tank, l Storage tank, l Water tank, l Engine power, kW Output, l/min Working pressure, MPa Weight, kg Dimensions, m
USI P-70-85 2*250 70 100 22 55 7 1150 2.8×1.45×2.4
USI SH-10-55 250 350 120 22 0-45 1.5 1185 2.21×0.88×2.09
USI 30-100-160 100 100 70 5.5 0-30 2 400 1.05×1.3×1.7
TABLE 1. STS grouting machines

In case you do not find a suitable machine, please get in contact with us.