Ground engineering

Ground anchors have a wide range of applications

Temporary and permanent retaining walls
Diaphragm walls — Sheet piles — Retaining walls — Retaining curtains etc.

Transfer of tensile loads
Anchoring of slabs below groundwater level — Prestressing of traction piles — Anchoring of narrow structures (pylons, tower buildings, chimneys, etc.) — Stress transfer for rigging lines (suspension bridges, pylons, etc.)

Deep foundation for multistore building, Moscow (Russia)

Anchoring — Nailing
Slope and landslide stabilisation (rock cracks, precipices, debris) — Strengthening of tunnels — Blocks of penstocks.

Transmission of pressure to vaults — Post-stressing of structures — Improvement of dam stability.


  • Road infrastructure — one of our largest expertise and separate divison will provide you with the best solutions for each of your projects — bridges, crossing structures, roads and highways in all types of environment.
  • Railways and airports — new-build or repair — we provide solutions for underground stations, tunnels, subway projects or access shafts.
  • Buildings and housing — strenghtening foundations, reducing risks associated with the slope of the ground or eqarthquake risks.
  • Industrial buildings — such structures require high load-bering capacity and high-performance foundations. Together with PT slab-onground we have high expertise on this market.
  • Dams — we can deliver our geotechnical engineering and design capabilities for your hydraulic and hydroelectric dam projects, wherever you are in the world.
  • Port infrastructure — dry docks, locks, dykes, piers, quays, breakwaters, etc — all types of coast or port infrastructure can be supported with our geotechnical solutions.
  • Mining — the exploitation of mineral resources projects require large range of geotechnical solutions.
  • Car parks — underground multistore car parks requires large phase of excavation where strand ground anchors are mostyle used.

Ground anchors at the busy railway direction, Moscow (Russia)