Precast onsite

Precast prestressed concrete bridge girders of 18-42 meters long are usually challenging to deliver from factory to the construction site. Especially if the construction site is a considerable distance away and the number of girders required can reach hundreds.

To meet this challenges STS has developed a solution — Mobile Precast Factory. We deliver entire mobile precast factories to construction sites. A mobile precast factory that can be transferred from one site to another is an excellent solution for distant infrastructure projects.

STS Mobile Precast Factory — Prestressed Girders 28-33 meters


    STS Mobile Precast Factory (MPF) features:

  • steel formwork precisely assembled with bolts to reduce production start-up times.
  • production of beams with variable cross-section in different lengths in one formwork.
  • mobile concrete load-bearing frame for prestressed girders
  • mechanised opening of formwork
  • hydraulic smooth tension release system on the strands
  • hydraulic jacks and pumping stations for tensioning the different beam types, as well as all the necessary accessories — wedges and anchors
  • concrete heating control system — allows production at low temperatures of -30°C. The system tightly controls the temperature in accordance with set scenarios to make ideal condition for the concrete and reduce production time

Please send us your girder design, project parameters (how many girders, in what period and where site is located) and we can find the best solution for you.