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Akkuyu NPP

The design of Turkey’s first NPP includes four power units with the most advanced Russian-designed VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 4,800 megawatts. This is a serial project of a nuclear power plant based on the Novovoronezh NPP-2 project (Russia, Voronezh Region), the estimated service life of Akkuyu NPP is 60 years. The design solutions of Akkuyu NPP meet all modern requirements of the global nuclear community, as set out in the IAEA and International Advisory Group on Nuclear Safety standards and the requirements of the EUR Club.

Our company performs CPS design, supply system and installation work. The project is carried out on a turnkey basis.

Specialized equipment designed and manufactured by STS is used in the installation of the CPS.
At the moment, STS installing anchor plates and ducts for the CPS at Unit № 1, 2 and 3.

STS is the designer of the CPS and supplies and installs the system.

    Volume of the main elements CPS:

  • Anchor plates – 1024 pcs.
  • Anchor heads – 1024 pcs.
  • Wedges – 56320 pcs.
  • Ducts – 36180 meter.
  • Strands – 6380 tons.
  • Mortar for grouting – 2400m3.
  • Force sensor – 32 pcs.
  • Protective caps with fire protection – 1024 pcs.