Application related 2016-2021

Belarusian NPP

The Belarusian nuclear power plant is the first nuclear power plant in the history of the country, the largest project of Russian-Belarusian cooperation. The NPP is being built in accordance with the Agreement between the governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Generation 3+ project, which fully complies with all «post-Fukushima» requirements, international standards, and IAEA recommendations. The project provides for the construction of a two-unit NPP with VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2,400 MW.

Our company has developed and implemented a unique technology of installation of Containment Prestressing System power units 1 and 2 of Belarusian NPP. Later this technology was awarded a certificate of Rosatom as an innovative solution in the field of capital construction of nuclear power plant.

Our company in record time performed installation of strands CPS and grouting. Eight DN-55 jacks with a long piston stroke were designed and manufactured to tension the tendons.